Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seoul, Korea

Been trying to do some drawings since moving to Seoul two weeks ago. We live in 13th floor loft, in the middle of the city - a pretty great view.



mike said...

Hey, like i said on facebook, we should hang out sometime. we never did in dc, but different years/different interests. we are both obviously interested in teaching and in korea. i start hangul classes in hongdae on sept 3rd. i live in jangandong, work at olympiad academy here. we are you? by the way, i was born in ohio.

joseph's art and stuff said...

great work on your blog! i've been seeing your work on 'skineart, and i'm impressed. what brings you to korea? i lived there off and on for a little over three years... loved it!

PaoYunSoo said...

agnyong a seyo , really nice sketch ^^